• About ME

    PhD in Finance from the University of Toulouse (2012), I am currently working at Adolfo Ibañez University, Chile, as a researcher and assistant professor of finance.

    Previously, I worked at the San Andrés University in Argentina, Central Bank of Chile, Airbus France, Banco Santander in Argentina and Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) in Argentina, among others.

    I was a visitor at the Central Banks of Argentina and Hungary.




    International Finance

    Financial Econometrics


    “Domestic credit, trade finance, and the trade tensions of 2016-18: A prelude to international fragmentation?”, with D. Moreno. Accepted in NBER conference International Fragmentation, Supply Chains, and Financial Frictions, with a special issue of Journal of International Economics. March 2023.

    “Informational Economic Transmission between Countries: Learning, Common Factors and Category Thinking”, with A. Bernales and D. Moreno. Submitted to the Journal of the European Economic Association. June 2022.

    “Disentangling the impact of the COVID-19 precautionary measures on business activity and recovery in Latin America”, with S. Mingo and A. Sotelo. R&R in Journal of Business Research. December 2022.

    “How does the housing market react to the exchange rate fluctuations when real estate is invoiced in dollars?”, with R. Wagner. Awarded Fondecyt Regular 2023.

    “Generalizing impact computations for the autoregressive spatial interaction model”, with T. Laurent and C. Thomas-Agnan. R&R in Geographical Analysis. February 2023.

    “Fear of crime in Latin America: How it is reflected in house prices?”, with J. B. Sosa. Under review at Journal of Quantitative Criminology.

    “Global migration and climate change: a network approach”. Awarded international grant.

    “The impact of financial literacy on saving, renegotiation and default choices”, with C. Madeira. Link to working paper


    “Containment measures and spillover effects in COVID times: A global study on business confidence”, with D. Finchelstein and A. Sotelo. Management and Organization Review forthcoming, 2023.

    Best conference paper at the Academy of International Business Conference (Latin America chapter)

    “The impact of financial literacy on the quality of self-reported financial information”, with C. Madeira. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance 34, 2022. Link

    “Neighboring countries and bilateral remittances: A global study”, with T. Laurent and C. Thomas-Agnan. Spatial Economics Analysis 17(4), 2022. Link

    “Assessing the quality of self-reported financial information”, with C. Madeira, F. Martinez and P. Roje. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, March 2022. Link

    “Banks' interconnections and peer effects: Evidence from Chile”, with R. Cifuentes and G. Carreño. Research in International Business and Finance 58, 2021. Link

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    “Sovereign Bond Spreads and Extra-Financial Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Emerging Markets”, with S. Pouget. International Review of Economics & Finance 58, 2018. Link

    “Economical assessment of commercial high-speed transport”, with J. Steelant. CEAS Aeronautical Journal 9, 2018. Link

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    “Correlated Bank Runs, Interbank Markets and Reserve Requirements”, with C. Cañon. Journal of Banking & Finance 49, 2014. Link

  • Books and chapters

    Plan de Energía sustentable” (Sustainable Energy Plan), with L. Lobaiza, S. Scheimberg, and V. Vallés. 1º Edition, UADE Edition, 296 p., UADE, Buenos Aires, 2009.

    “Estimation of productive efficiency based on non-parametric techniques”, with C. Romero. Chapter 5 of the book “Regulatory economics and quantitative methods: Evidence from Latin America” (The CRC Series on Competition, Regulation and Development) edited by Omar Chisary, 2006. Link

    “The effectiveness of competition policy in Argentina, Chile and Peru during the 90’s”, with M.F. Martinez and D. Petrecolla. Chapter 9 of the book “Regulatory economics and quantitative methods: Evidence from Latin America” (The CRC Series on Competition, Regulation and Development) edited by Omar Chisary, 2006.



    “Análisis sobre Ley de Alquileres”, with F. Sturzenegger and P. Zarate, 2021.

  • Education

    University of Toulouse I

    2007 - 2012

    PhD in Business Administration - Track Finance

    Toulouse School of Economics

    2006 - 2007

    Master in Financial Markets and Intermediaries (Quantitative Master)

    University Torcuato Di Tella

    2002 - 2003

    Master in Economics

    University of Buenos Aires

    1997 - 2001

    Degree in Economics - "Licienciada"

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